My Books: Online Showroom

I encourage you to check out my six original books below, geared towards children and families. The mission of my books is to inspire, encourage and educate children and young adults to understand and accept differences in others around them:


'Life is a Train Ride' originated from a 2016 live musical presentation created by Larissa Grabois, telling her childhood story through original songs and a musical composition, covering a life period age 2 until a point of self-discovery at age 18. This book is dedicated to mothers of children with autism and children living with autism around the world. 

Song lyric author illustrated 1st edition of "My Name is Faye"

Japanese anime inspired 2nd edition of "My Name is Faye"

'My Name is Faye' is a poem put to a song told by an eight-year-old girl with autism. Knowing she is different, Faye describes her unique and literal view of the world, introducing autism to kids in a fun way. Read the book while listening to Faye singing, enjoy the coloring pages, and learn kid-friendly facts about autism. Appropriate for all ages for both children with and without autism.