The Discovery Music Studio Page

Our studio offers adaptive and traditional piano and voice lessons 
for children and adults in a warm and accepting environment   

Most Recent Letters of References for our Studio

Parents' testimonials:   

“The therapy through music where you try to teach her the very essential skills for daily life is quite remarkable. She is enjoying spending time at Discovery Music Studio.”   

“Getting our daughter acquainted with pronouns in the correct way through music is so phenomenal! We are so glad you are guiding her in the right direction, while she has a fun activity.”   

“We love the techniques and musical instruments you utilize during the sessions, especially the percussion conversation activity! We believe our son will generalize them for his daily routines and activities.”   

“We really appreciate your efforts and are so grateful for your well-thought-out guidance. Our daughter is really enjoying the music you are exposing her to and the different instruments.”

For traditional piano and voice instruction, or for assisted music lessons for children and adults with special needs at the Discovery Music Studio, please contact us using the message box below. 

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